The Power of Plants in Your Home

Have you noticed the plant craze in interior design lately?  Plants are not just for the outdoors anymore and there’s good reason for it!  Not only are plants beautiful and sculptural, there are a myriad of health benefits for having plants in your home.  Read on to learn more.

10 Reasons To Go Buy a House Plant Today

There’s a reason why indoor plants are traditionally given as a housewarming gift–they bring positive energy to a home!  Here are 10 noteworthy benefits to adding a little green to your house:

1. Lowered blood pressure

In today’s hustle and bustle world, more and more people are ailed by high blood pressure. The standard American diet is partly to blame, as are the stresses that come with juggling work, family, and personal time (or lack there of).  Who knew that lowering blood pressure was just a fiddle leaf fig tree away?  Multiple studies have shown that indoor plants are linked to lowered heart rate and blood pressure.  For all you “show me the proof” people like my husband, check out this medical study, courtesy of BioMed Central!

2. Better Air Quality

There’s a reason why being in nature is so purifying and the air feels so good to breathe, and it’s no secret that plants increase air quality…I mean, hello, if you’ve ever been in the woods or a lush garden, you know exactly what I’m talking about!  Plants create moisture in the air, which has the same effect as an expensive humidifier!  This increases air quality, prevents dry skin, and generally make your home a more wonderful place!

3. Higher Energy

What?!  Yes you heard that right…plants can actually increase your energy level and here’s why. When plants undergo photosynthesis, they draw carbon dioxide in, which decreases levels in the air.  Decreased carbon dioxide levels prevent drowsiness, which ultimately makes you more alert and energetic.  Score!

4. Improved sleep quality

Have you ever used meditation or deep breathing to promote a sense of calm?  I am notorious for meditating in bed and falling off to sleep as soon as I start taking deep, conscious breaths. That’s because increasing your oxygen intake helps promote deep sleep. Adding plants to your bedroom can have a similar effect to deep breathing and mediation in that plants give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.  In fact, there are some that say the oxygen-producing power of plants is the secret to long life!

5. More brain power

Plants can make you smarter, whhaa?  I am definitely on board for more brain power!  This study  by Scientific American outlines exactly why indoor plants are so powerful!  By removing air pollutants, plants can increase your concentration and memory, expand your attention span, and improve your creativity.  Let’s see…I’m currently counting (3) plants in my home office….I think it’s time for a few more! 😉


Source: The Jungalow


6. Quicker Recovery from Illness

Studies show that patients who have plants in their hospital room take significantly fewer pain medications, have lower blood pressure, experience higher energy levels, less anxiety, and an overall higher sense of well-being than patients without plants in their rooms.  What’s more is that they heal faster and are able to leave the hospital sooner than patients without plants in their rooms.

Who knew that bringing flowers to loved ones in the hospital has a profound impact on healing and recovery time?  Experience these same healing powers by adding a plant or two to your own home!

7. Improved Mental Health

One of the great benefits to having plants in your home is that they are alive!  Living and breathing beings, they bring positive energy to the spaces that they inhabit, and this is great for improving mental health.  In fact, caring for something living is one of the top recommendations that therapists give people who are lonely or depressed.  One of the best indoor plants for beating the winter blues is the anthurium.  The bright heart-shaped flowers are an added bonus!

8. Natural Medicine

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years–long before the pharmaceutical industry came out with drugs and medications.  Many plants are super handy to have around for cuts, bruises, burns, and other common maladies the happen at home.  Aloe vera is great for burns and heart burn, while Calendula heals wounded skin.  If you have a sunny spot in your kitchen or living room, consider growing your own medicinal herb garden.  I love these tips and tricks from The Spruce!

9. Fight off the flu

STOP AND TAKE PAUSE.  Did you know that having indoor plants can reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30%?  That is significant, especially when you consider how many billions of dollars are spent on cold medicine each year.  Plants are able to reduce coughs, sore throats, and the common cold by increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust.  Sounds like a win to me!

10. Plants make you happy!

The best part about indoor plants is that they really do make you happy and fight off the blues! And it’s not just because they’re pretty to look at.  Research shows that adding plants to your home reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and increases feelings of calm, self-esteem, and optimism.  So the next time your glass is looking half empty, pass on that cup of coffee and consider paying a visit to your local plant nursery for a pick-me-up instead.  🙂

Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links to products that I love so that I can continue sending out design inspiration and positive energy.  Thanks for the support and love. Namaste!

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